Chainsaw Man – Aki Hayakawa – Chain Spirits Vol. 2 – Banpresto


‣ Condition: New
‣ Brand: Banpresto
‣ Anime: Chainsaw Man
‣ Character: Aki Hayakawa
‣ Collection: Chain Spirits
‣ Size: Approx. 6.3 inches (16 cm)
‣ Material: ABS and PVC
‣ Type: Non-articulated
‣ Release Date: February 21, 2023
About this item
  • Product 100% original
  • Official licensed product
  • Base stand included

Aki Hayakawa Figure – Chain Spirits Collection

Step into Chainsaw Man’s dynamic world with Banpresto’s Aki Hayakawa figure from the Chain Spirits Collection. A true testament to anime craftsmanship, this action figure merges detailed design with playability, making it a sought-after collectible and an engaging toy for enthusiasts.

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